Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria

Canary Island History

The rich heritage engrained in Gran Canaria today is strongly linked to and shaped by its past. When the Canary Islands were first discovered, the land mass was considered to be the end of the earth. Little is known about the first discoveries, apart from inserts found in journals written at the time.

The significant discovery of this archipelago is said to have brought about Columbus’ venture into the new world. At the same time, it is thought to have opened up the channels of warfare between many European Monarchs in a bid to protect their land from other continents.

In spite of all this, the locals on Gran Canaria went about everyday life, oblivious to the outside world. The Aborigine population had a strong link to the land, cultivating fruits and crops, especially barley, which was a staple food source for them. Fishing also played an important role in their survival.

Archaeological Sites
Explore several key locations to find out more about the life of aborigines on this fascinating island. The first is Cenobio de Valerón. Discovered by archaeologists, this giant grain store was perched on top of a gully to hide valuable crops from unwanted intruders, such as invading pirates. Gain a deeper insight into the everyday life of the aboriginals by visiting Cueva Pintada Museum. This pre-Hispanic village excavation took 24 years of pain-staking work to complete. The reserve is now open to the public, though only by guided tour. This aboriginal housing settlement provides clues and relics from a time before European colonisation.

From the Past to Present Day
Locals are proud of their rich heritage and the mystery that surrounds it. Many aspects of the past are rooted in the present day. This is evident when shopping for handicrafts and paintings, which make popular souvenirs. When staying at the Radisson Blu Resort, Grand Canaria, you are never far away this rich cultural past. Combine history with the stunning natural environment and explore Radisson Blu Resort, Grand Canaria to learn why it is so easy to enjoy this island.