Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria – A Nature Reserve

The island of Gran Canaria is covered in natural beauty and stunning scenery just waiting to be explored by its 2 million annual visitors. The majority of tourists are naturally drawn to the southern part of the island, home to pristine beaches. Discover the island’s secrets by venturing into other areas, like the more rugged coastline and mountainous areas in the west, or magical beaches in the east. The island’s 32 nature reserves will be at your doorstep, waiting to be explored.

Gran Canaria is so geologically diverse that it is often referred to as a ‘miniature continent’. Explore the island’s pristine beaches, extensive sand dunes, underwater volcanic gorges, craggy mountains and sheer cliff faces, and dense pine forests.

Biosphere Reserve
A third of Gran Canaria is a dedicated Biosphere Reserve, protected by UNESCO. The island has been granted this status for several reasons. Firstly, its volcanic origin has created some interesting natural habitats, rich biodiversity and vegetation. The Biosphere Reserve also encapsulates several rural habitats which can be linked to traditional methods of living. It also represents native flora and fauna unique to the Macaronesia region - the islands of the North Atlantic Ocean. This special geology has been shaped over centuries.

This spectacular nature reserve stretches from sea level, to the highest summit of Mount Las Nieves, which stands at 1,949 metres. Whether you want to visit nature reserves, explore other areas of the island or combine your love for nature with exciting activities, Gran Canaria has it all. Mountain sports in Gran Canaria are also very popular and the island is a mecca for hiking, climbing and biking activities.

Accommodation Close to Nature
The Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria is a beach hotel situated in Arguineguin. This idyllic location places you close to local amenities, such as restaurants, cafes, shops and the ocean. You will also have easy access to the island’s nature reserves and outdoor activities, which makes it the perfect holiday destination.