Radisson Blu Resort, Sharjah-United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Book Fair

Well known throughout the region, the annual Sharjah Book Fair attracts hundreds of local and international publishers, as well as thousands of books of varying styles and genres. Established over thirty years ago, the annual ten-day book fair is an important event in the worldwide literary calendar, as well as for the city of Sharjah itself.

For the ultimate convenience, visitors to the book fair should choose a Sharjah Hotel that offers five-star service in a premium location. Located just a ten-minute drive from the Sharjah Expo Centre, the Radisson Blu Resort is the perfect base for exploring the famous book fair.

Immerse yourself in the book fair in Sharjah
With a mission to promote a love of literature, the renowned Sharjah Book Fair encourages people of all ages to engage with quality books, by providing a range of fiction and non-fiction titles at affordable prices. By enriching the experience of the written word, the book fair also helps to teach young people about diversity of culture, as well as their own heritage.

The Sharjah Book Fair attracts over 400,000 visitors, showcasing a range of books from nearly 42 nations. As the cultural capital of the Arab world, Sharjah welcomes avid art and literature fans from all over the region.

Discover the Sharjah Book Fair from the Radisson Blu Resort
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