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Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

 Visiting Sochi Discovery World Aquarium is a must-do when visiting the summer seaside resort in Russia. This is the biggest oceanarium in the country, as well as one of the largest in Europe. Located in the Adler district, this is a great attraction to add to a family outing for a day of fun.

Spread over 6000 square metres, you will find 30 aquariums with a total of 5 million litres of water. Both fresh and saltwater species are represented in the collection, showcasing the life of the underwater world.
Exhibitions of Rivers and Seas 
Walking through the freshwater zone of the aquarium is quite the evocative experience. With a waterfall, an indoor tropical forest and bridges across ponds, inhabited by Koi fishes, it has a spellbinding atmosphere. A total of more than 100 species are displayed, originating from Australia to Amazon and Ecuador. Among them you will find fish such as gourami, piranhas, discus and many more.
The saltwater area is not any less exciting to visit. Here visitors can get a feel of how life is under the sea in the underwater tunnel. On the other side of the glass the inhabitants are seemingly indifferent to its audience, going forth with their day and routines as always. Colourful plants and fishes, starfishes, corals and sea horses are just some of the species on show. Now and then a nurse shark will swim by and break the tranquillity, accompanied by yellow pilot fish keeping her skin clean.
Magical Surprises
Not only fish roam the waters of Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. There is also daily entertainment in the aquarium tunnel. Two times a day, during the show called “The Underwater World of Mermaids”, the children will be astonished as the mythic mermaid swims around them. In addition to this, visitors can also watch the sharks being fed by the aquarium diver who swims around the predatory species.
From Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi guests can easily explore the aquarium and other nearby attractions. After a day of adventure, retreat to the resort and enjoy the high level of service in modern surroundings.