Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi

F1 Russian Grand Prix™

You have to be here in Sochi to truly appreciate the adrenaline rush as the roar of magnificent racing cars suddenly fills the air and then disappears just as fast. Blink and you might miss them, but the large screens dotted around the circuit make it possible to follow the race in its entirety until the cars return for their next lap. This is your chance to see years of engineering genius and the world’s most talented drivers come alive on the streets on Sochi.

Bringing world-class sport to Russia

A new 6 km circuit has been constructed to host the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix™. The first event took place in 2014 and is contracted to run thru 2020. F1™ supremo Bernie Ecclestone worked together with President Vladimir Putin for years to bring this event to Russia.

Before 2014, this iconic race had only been held twice in Russia, in 1913 and 1914. Due to the World War and later bureaucratic barriers, the event came to a halt. Several attempts to bring the world’s premier motor racing event back to Russia finally paid off, and the race is now once again a part of the country’s sporting scene.

A dynamic racetrack on the city streets

The circuit is a combination of purpose-built racetrack integrated with public roads, which requires special planning for roads to be closed in the weeks surrounding the race. This practice works as a great way to raise awareness of the event and encourage local residents to get involved.

Two circuits have been designed, one of which is reserved for the annual F1™ race. The Sochi International Street Circuit combines the two tracks into one larger circuit, which allows Sochi to host a range of key motorsport events throughout the year.

No matter which team or driver you support, everyone comes together to celebrate this annual event. The circuit is located just minutes from Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa in Sochi. Our Black Sea resort hotel is an ideal choice of accommodation for any motorsport-lover wanting to experience the thrill of watching some of the world’s fastest cars speed around the city streets.