Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi

Sochi Park

Thrilling rides and rollercoasters, dolphin shows and fun restaurants come together at Sochi Park, a family-friendly amusement park in the shadow of the Olympic Park.

Start your day at the park’s Gate of Fire, leading to the Avenue of Lights, imbued with the spirit of traditional Russian fairgrounds. You can then choose to spend your time in several zones depending on the experience you seek. From peace and tranquility through to sheer adrenaline rush, the magic of Sochi Park turns dreams to reality.

Thrilling experiences for adults

Thrill-seekers should head straight for the gravity-defying Quantum Leap, Russia’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster. Soar high above the enchanted forest before freefalling 65 meters on the Firebird, before visiting the lair of a fire-breathing dragon at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour on the Zmey Gorynych. Alternatively, choose to take it easy on classic fairground rides like the spinning teacups.

A fairytale adventure for children

From exploring an enchanted forest full of curious creatures to the spectacular horse show in the Bogatyrs’ Land, children will feel they are taking part in their own personal fairytale. There’s also a great selection of rides especially for the park’s younger visitors, including a flying ship and a beautifully-painted carousel.

Exciting special events including fire shows, choreographed water fountains, magic shows, discos and dolphin shows are held throughout the year.

Eating in the park is about far more than grabbing a quick snack. Feast in the emperor’s palace, discover traditional Russian fare in the enchanted garden café, or sample some international street food from 12 outlets dotted throughout the park.

A day spent at Russia’s newest theme park is a great way to mix in some thrills to your relaxing stay at the Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa in Sochi.