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Stalin’s Summer Residence

Said to be one of former Russian leader Joseph Stalin’s favorite summer retreats among his 18 houses, this striking green building is located just five kilometers outside of Sochi. His preference for the area helped Sochi become a preeminent vacation spot for Russia’s elite, a reputation which remains strong today.

A very green experience

The residence is now open to the public and gives you a chance to see how Stalin lived during the wonderful Russian summers.

What really sets Stalin’s summer residence apart from other houses in the area is its striking green color. Surrounded by leafy trees, the building is almost impossible to spot from a distance. The color was chosen deliberately as Stalin was ever fearful of assassination. It is said that even a fountain was removed from the premises as its sound would conceal approaching enemies.

An untouched original interior

Things have remained virtually untouched inside the residence. Dark interiors, heavy curtains, dark redwood furniture and some of his personal belongings are all on display. The simplistic style with no pictures or elaborate details surprises many visitors, but the previous wood, strict lines and shades give the building a unique beauty of its own.

One of the most atmospheric rooms in the house is the study. Here, a realistic wax figure of Joseph Stalin sits behind the desk, on which you’ll see the original telephone he used along with a desk set the former leader received as a gift from Mao Zedong. Photos show pictures of his daughter alongside important historical moments.

When staying at Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa in Sochi, you will be less than an hour's drive from this famous summer house. It is also possible to combine a visit here with other nearby attractions, such as the Discovery World Aquarium.