Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi

Responsible Business


Taking responsibility for the environment and local community has been an important part of the broader commitment of the Radisson Hotel Group to sustainable development for many years. In 2001, this commitment was fortified and placed within the scope of a program called Responsible Business (RB). Each hotel has a unique RB Action Plan covering areas such as community outreach, environmental improvement, employee well-being, and health and safety.

The hotels are engaged with both local charity groups and the corporate international charity organization supported by the Radisson Hotel Group, the World Childhood Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to defend the rights of the child and to promote better living conditions for vulnerable and exploited children at risk all over the world.  

Responsible Business practices include

  • Working together with property owners to find innovative solutions that satisfy economic, environmental and social objectives
  • Providing suppliers and investors with timely, accurate and transparent information on RB-related risks and opportunities
  • Striving to purchase products that reduce the impact on the environment
  • Requiring managers to abide by local and international legislation, especially regarding labor laws, health and safety, human rights and the environment
  • Taking an active role in the international Responsible Business community and contributing to local communities
  • Improving the hotel’s performance in the areas of energy, water, chemicals, resource consumption and waste generation to reduce negative impacts on the environment

RB activities and achievements of this hotel

  • Employee participation in local charity and fundraising events
  • Participation in World Cleanup Day, removing garbage from green areas and parks
  • Visits to the local boarding school for orphans and children with disabilities to take necessary items and spend time with the children

Code of Business Ethics

  • We respect the law.
  • We show respect for all persons in all situations.
  • We think ethically.
  • We act fairly.
  • We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason.
  • We are honest and transparent.