Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil

Trysil Knut Arena

The Trysil Knut Ski Arena is home to a large network of training facilities designed for cross country and biathlon skiers. The arena has Norway’s biggest snow production system and a new roller ski course, making the conditions perfect for training all year round. You will also find changing facilities and toilets, making the logistics around your training easy.

Perfect training facilities

The roller ski course is 2.7 kilometers long and lit up by flood lights from 6:00-20:00 every day. It is 6 meters wide and has 3 meters of asphalt. The asphalted part of the course, down towards the main road, makes a perfect place for your uphill training. Biathlon practitioners can also benefit from the shooting range offering 26 targets and 2 penalty lap facilities, one of which is 75 meters and the other 150 meters long. From October 29 each year you can train on real snow, thanks to the snow storage system which preserves last year’s snow. 

Quality trails

The Trysil Knut Arena is linked together with the rest of the trail network on the Trysil Mountains, consisting of 100 kilometers of quality trails, well suited for both classical and free style cross country skiing. The woodland surroundings offer a beautiful backdrop for activities and training, summer like winter. During the pre-season the arena is a preferred place for active skiers and national teams, and these will also get prioritized when it comes to using the arena at this time of year.  

Stay at the Radisson Blu Resort, Trysil and take advantage of the convenient location in the heart of cross country trails, ski lifts and a range of slopes. After a long day full of activities and adventure, enjoy the variety of spa facilities designed to help you unwind.