Radisson Blu Resort Wetland Park Wuxi

Radisson Blu Resort Wetland Park Wuxi Nearby Attractions


Positioned only three kilometers from the Lianghong National Wetland Park, the Radisson Blu in Wuxi makes it easy to escape the noise of the city and find tranquility in nature. Guests who love ancient history appreciate the Hongshan Ruins Museum, which displays artifacts from the Wu-Yue culture. Additionally, the China Stone Expo is held just over a kilometer away, perfect for business travelers.

Nearby attractions:

  • China Stone Expo - 1.5 km
    A short drive from the hotel, China Stone Expo is a premier global expo for stone and machinery, boasting 800 booths for guests to explore.
  • Hongshan Ruins Museum - 2 km
    Visit this ancient cemetery site, where archaeologists have uncovered remains dating back to 770 BC from the Wu-Yue culture.
  • Lianghong National Wetland Park - 3 km
    This peaceful park covers 18 square meters of beautiful wetlands and features ancient artifacts from the Wu-Yue culture.