Food and Flowers


Born in the heart of Minnesota, our Firelake Grill House and Cocktail Bar offers the best of the mid-west’s great food and drink heritage: open-flame cooking and deliciously creative mixology. The Fire in our name reflects our use of traditional, flavor-filled wood and flame-based cooking techniques. Our irresistible cocktails are a celebration, our beers are hand-crafted and our food is timeless, fresh and often organic.

Firelake’s culture, name and style come proudly from our original heartland in North America’s Land of 1000 Lakes. But we also delight in offering the best local produce, local dishes and local heritage - along with our sought-after brand signature offerings. The wholehearted result? Truly great tastes in a great space – delivered with memorable service, a big heart and an even bigger smile. Welcome to Firelake.
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