Food and Flowers


Born from the values of Radisson Blu’s design heritage with a nod toward the new Nordics philosophy of adapting older techniques, safeguarding natural flavours, concentrating on purity and freshness with the use of organic produce, the Larder restaurants are the base concepts for Blu’s all-day dining.

Designed to travel, local-inspired design, craft and cuisine should layer on the design and service icons that form the Larder to create a sensitivity and celebration of locality.

The Larder revels in the skill of simple preparation and theatre: dish finishes, cocktail muddling and botanical nosing showcase local produce with an overarching mantra of Refined Nature.

The interior design can either use the carefully-crafted scheme in totality or the incorporate the design icons with layered local design to reflect a true sense of place. Refined nature is at the heart of the Larder with enlightening, unexpected, anticipation, honest and natural being the key themes. Hence this is about taking guests on a bit of a journey, informing them and, occasionally, entertaining them at tableside.