Food and Flowers


The Lounge is based same principles as the Larder – but is also designed to elevate: serving lighter dishes, with more service activity and products on display. Refined Nature rules! But the mood and menu is more delicate, avant-garde, transitory and imaginative.

A true sense of theatre engages - with slow-drip coffee, dramatic cocktail muddling and elaborate pouring. There’s also a engaging progressive element: different delights appear throughout the day! Mouthwatering morning pastries give way to charcuterie: wickedly tempting patisserie and tea boxes disappear as early evening drinks appear. And the bar itself is transformed as the hour moves on, ensuring the mood is always right and relevant.

The essential look and menu of the Lounge – like the Larder - can be complemented by appealing, local aesthetics.

Our Larder & Lounge offer a consistent selection of great quality food, drink, design and service – with a large degree of flexibility. So each reflect can reflect a highly individual sense of place, while delighting with Radisson Blu’s renowned and stylish sophistication - plus our unique Yes I Can! service ethic.

Refined Nature: good food that’s so easy to love. And remember…