Gothenburg archipelago

Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel, Gothenburg

The Archipelago

Gothenburg is a charming city which welcomes its visitors with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and intriguing history. However, you may want to leave the city center to experience one of the city’s most alluring attractions, the beautiful archipelago.

Stretching into the sparkling seas of the Swedish coast, Gothenburg’s archipelago is one of the most attractive natural areas in Scandinavia. Whether visiting Sweden’s second city for the first time or having returned, it always offers something new.

A tale of two archipelagos

Like a string of jewels stretching out along the Swedish coastline, the archipelago is a wonderful area dotted with picturesque villages and pristine beaches. The collection of islands is grouped into two clusters, each boasting its own unique character. The northern cluster has sleepy harbors and delightful holiday homes and is a favorite among sailors. Meanwhile, the southern archipelago is car-free and best suited for relaxed walking trips along the meandering paths which crisscross the area. Take a stroll, relax on the beach, or head out on exciting excursions like seal safaris and sea-fishing. The area truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Striking sights by the beautiful Gothenburg city

Both sections of the archipelago are within easy reach of Gothenburg and the city provides stunning views of the alluring landscape. Indeed, the archipelago regularly dazzles the many runners taking part in Göteborgsvarvet, the city’s famous half marathon run. The Gothenburg archipelago looks good enough to take the breath away from the already breathless runners.

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