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Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon

Göteborgsvarvet is a half marathon held in Gothenburg each year. In 2012 it became the biggest of its kind in the whole world. This year, there were 44,093 runners tackling the 14-mile course, which is 4,000 more people than Newcastle’s Great North Run and 6,500 more than the Chicago Marathon. It all started with 1,800 registered runners in 1980 and since then over 1.3 million people have registered to contribute to the race.

Join the run

Runners looking to participate in the popular race should plan their training schedule to culminate in May, as this always has been, and still is, an annual early summer fixture. The race is organized by Gothenburg Athletic Association, who supports track and field activities in the region. You can also run for a good cause, as every year a certain number of entries are saved for charity reasons, meaning half of the entry fee goes directly to a charity of your choice.

The trail

The Göteborgsvarvet starts outside the athletics arena in Slottsskogen Park, also home to the Way Out West festival held in August each year. The route takes runners across the Älvsborg suspension bridge and along the north bank of the Göta River, before looping back over the Göta Bridge. Runners then make their way through the inner city, before reaching the finish line back at the stadium. During the relay, the runners pass right under the tip of the hotel, giving guests front row seats from the terrace of the hotel’s restaurant, the Cuckoo’s Nest. Enjoy great food and drinks while cheering on your friends or family.

With so many runners arriving in the city for Göteborgsvarvet, participants are advised to plan suitable accommodation well in advance. If you are looking for conveniently located accommodation, the Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel in Gothenburg is a great choice. The hotel offers a pre-race warm-up and a sauna and pool for recovery and relaxation.