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Bergen Aquarium

There is always something new and exciting to see at Bergen Aquarium, known locally as Akvariet i Bergen. The sea life viewable in the Rotunden room tanks are rotated regularly. Here you will find eight large tanks with different Norwegian themes. Discover all about life in Norwegian waters, everything from John Dory (Peter’s Fish) to giant cods and eels. There’s also a large herring shoal, which have been swimming around for a period of ten years and thriving at the aquarium.

One of the most popular displays is the fascinating spider exhibition, so popular, in fact, that some of the display often leaves the aquarium on loan. It consists of no less than 40 of the world’s most notorious and toxic creepy crawlies. Whether arachnids make your skin crawl or you love them, this is an exhibition not to be missed. If you are uncomfortable with these furry little creatures, it may ease your nerves to know many have formed a different opinion about spiders after visiting this exhibition.

Something for Everyone
A trip to Bergen Aquarium is perfect for families with children, young and older, as well as for couples or friends. There is something for everyone, including shows with penguins, seals, sea lions or carp. In the tropical room, come up close and personal with huge anacondas, but still be entirely safe. Greet the cute and inquisitive silk monkeys who love nothing better than to swing around from branch to branch. If you go close enough to their enclosure, they will come right up and check you out.

The aquariums own crocodile enclosure houses a number of snapping jaws, for example, a large Nile Crocodile known as Sanson, and his two wives. There are a total of 23 crocodile species in the world, and you will find many of these at this aquarium in Bergen. Here the crocodiles live well and engage daily in swimming, eating and there is even a little time for crocodile training.

This does not involve a treadmill or weight training. For Ivan, a dwarf caiman, it is daily target practice. The idea behind this is that he places his snout on a board that the keeper is holding up. When he does this correctly, he is rewarded with a favourite treat of "pinkies". In reality, this is small dead mice, Ivan’s favourite food.

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The aquarium’s fish come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like they are straight out of a Disney film, whereas others are like small monsters from the seabed. A trip to the aquarium is great entertainment and has the advantage that you learn about the world’s wonderful maritime creatures at the same time.

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