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Formula 1 Grand Prix™, Spa Francorchamps

The Circuit of Spa Francorchamps is famous worldwide for many races, but especially the annual Belgian Grand Prix. Since 1925, more than 150,000 fans have visited this F1™ racetrack from all over the world to hear the roar of engines as cars speed past in the fight to lead the pack. Immerse yourself in this speed lovers’ event and feel the wind from the cars brush your face with front row seats. The circuit season is from March until November. Days when there are no races scheduled, you can see driving performance events, take a guided tour to learn about everything Formula 1™ and check out exhibits and museums dedicated to the sport.

Watch the cars whiz past

The legendary Francorchamps circuit in Spa is considered one of the most challenging and exciting circuits in the world. Drivers often call "Eau Rouge" at Francorchamps the most thrilling corner on earth. While regular cars must take the dreaded "Eau Rouge" at 160km/h, professional drivers turn this infamous corner at over 300km/h, a sight that has to be seen to be believed.

A short trip around Spa

Enjoy motorsports as well as the picturesque landscape and green scenery in Spa just a short trip from Brussels. Hire a car, drive your own or order a package with transport included. The city of Spa itself is beautiful, so if you have the chance, be sure to stop by.

Cheer on your favorite driver at Francorchamps or explore the rest of the idyllic city of Spa before the cars pass the starting line. The , is located an hour from Spa, Join the action at the Grand Prix and then explore the best of Brussels before and after race day.