Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels

Belgian Cuisine

Belgian cuisine conjures up many words, great waffles, chocolate and tasty beers. There is; however, so much more to this country where French food is served in German quantities. Those on a culinary journey will find endless tasting opportunities throughout the city. No matter what street you walk down you won’t escape the numerous chocolate shops, fresh seafood and crisp brown ales.

Dining in Brussels

The Sainte-Catherine Square, known as the former fish market place, is located right in the center of downtown Brussels. Whether trout, cod, mussels or clams are your favorite, they are all available here. Fish of all types can be purchased to eat at home but you may wish to visit a nearby local restaurant where most of the seafood served is freshly sourced from the market.

If feeling a little thirsty for a Brussels Brew, there are plenty from which to choose. Belgian beer is the perfect accompaniment to the country’s cuisine and this European city has more varieties of beer per head than anywhere on the planet. In fact, there are so many varieties that it often turns up as an ingredient in local food and can be matched to your meal, like a good wine.

This city is also well known for its cocoa treats producing over 172,000 tons of the finest quality chocolate each year. Don’t forget to spoil yourself in this sweet capital and try chocolates with flavors you would never image. Visit the famous Marcolini boutiques for a taste, Zaabär for a demonstration and Galler for the perfect gift chocolates.

Dine in and enjoy Michelin Star quality

Stay at the and fine dining is only a few steps away from your upscale, modern hotel room. This hotel boasts a two Michelin starred restaurant, the Sea Grill. Have a fancy meal here or make your way to the hotel’s Atrium Restaurant. Atrium offers you seasonal Belgian cuisine with the stars as your ceiling under a soaring glass dome.