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Shopping in Brussels

For a day spent window shopping coupled with a relaxing coffee in one of the stylish terraces or nearby bars, nothing beats the Avenue Louise and Rue Neuve. These streets are a hub of high fashion flagship stores and interesting boutiques tickling fashion fanciers with unique creations and cutting-edge styles. Walk these high-end versus casual fashion catwalks and find pieces to make your friends green with envy. Rue Neuve is the second most popular shopping destination in Belgium with all your regular stores, whereas Avenue Louise is home to the luxury brands. These two streets are the most popular shopping areas in Brussels followed closely by Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert.

Local produce and goods at the markets

Whether you do your antique shopping in the Sablon area, or early on Sunday morning at the flea market, the antique hunt can be as exciting as the purchase. There are markets for flowers, food, fish antiques and more. You can try Place Sainte-Catherine for excellent food and check out the stalls at Grand Place for that lazy Sunday morning feeling as you wander through flowers and traditional style paintings.

Vintage, fashion and art

During the Brussels Fashion Days, more than fifty Belgian designers showcase their products at The EGG, a 10,000 square meter exhibition space. For those who are fashion forward, this event is sure to get you excited so be sure to plan a trip when the event is held.

After a day spent hitting the shops, return to the central and modern . Here visitors can relax, enjoy the finest Belgian cuisine and have a restful night before heading off on another day’s shopping.