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Visit Carlsberg

Learn about one of the most famous brewers in the world at the interactive Visit Carlsberg experience in Copenhagen.

The original Carlsberg brewery opened in 1847, and today the site doubles as a brewery and the home of the iconic Visit Carlsberg experience. Inside, visitors can learn more about one of the oldest and most established brewers in the Nordics and the evolution of the Carlsberg brand.

Inside Visit Carlsberg
The interactive Visit Carlsberg experience is open Tuesday through Sunday and lasts roughly 90 minutes.

The self-guided tour at Visit Carlsberg begins with the history of local brewer J.C Jacobsen and tells the story of how the company eventually transformed from local brewery to one of the most globally recognised beer brands.

The Visit Carlsberg tour also includes a number of sample tastings at the Jacobsen Brewhouse & Bar, Bar 1847 or the courtyard. Finally, the Visit Carlsberg experience ends with a behind the scenes look at the Jacobsen Brewhouse, which still brews the iconic premium lager in the heart of Copenhagen.

More than just lager at Visit Carlsberg
Visit Carlsberg has more to recommend than just premium lager, and even young audiences can enjoy the interactive tour.

The visit Carlsberg experience has been designed to appeal to a wide audience, and throughout the tour visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the brand in the Carlsberg stables, as well as the picture perfect sculpture garden, which is home to the impressive collection of art owned by Carlsberg.

There are also good opportunities to rent a bike in Copenhagen if you want to get around the city and visit the Carlsberg brewery. And thanks to its central location near Tivoli Gardens, visitors can find convenient accommodation in Copenhagen at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen.