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See Dublin By Bike

There are few better ways to get to know the city of Dublin than by bike. See Dublin By Bike is a tour company operating in Dublin that has been treating guests to the best the city has to offer for a number of years now. The staff have great local knowledge of Dublin, so you can get the most out of your trip.

The main tour offered by See Dublin By Bike is the Taste of Dublin Tour. This tour starts off on the fashionable Fade Street. It then stops at numerous key attractions, including Dublin Castle, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Temple Bar, Parnell Square and the Oscar Wilde memorial. The tour also includes numerous hidden gems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

A ride through history

Dublin’s history really comes to life throughout the tour. Learn about the literary and musical traditions of the city, while also discovering the personalities that helped shape Dublin’s character.

See Dublin By Bike also offers private tours and specialty trips. These tours are based around the main tour route, but you can add points of interest that you would like to learn more about. Such trips are focused on a theme, be it music, literature, architecture or anything else that interests you.

The streets of Dublin are laced with fascinating stories, and you’ll find the guides are excellent at unravelling them. Once you have cycled around the city, ensure that you have time to recover at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin before your next adventure.