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Finland's home for opera, Kansallisooppera, regularly hosts acclaimed performances from artists and singers who travel the world to visit Helsinki's opera house. Kansallisooppera has its own dedicated performers as well, plus premieres at least one new Finnish opera per year.

Guests of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki, can experience the opera at Kansallisooppera with just a 20-minute walk from the hotel. The hotel's accommodation in Helsinki lets visitors see the best of the city from a convenient city centre location.

Experience the Finnish National Opera at Kansallisooppera
Located on the shores of Helsinki's Toolonlahti inlet, Kansallisooppera presents guests with a beautiful scene even before they step in the opera house. Inside, visitors will be treated to one of the over 300 performances the Finnish National Opera stages each year, including Finnish and world premieres of some operas.

In addition to opera performances, Kansallisooppera ballet performances, individual recitals and concerts for kids.

The national opera itself comprises a choir of about 60, plus around 30 solo vocalists and an orchestra of over 100 members. The ballet at Kansallisooppera has nearly 100 dancers in total, coming from countries all over the world.

Visit Kansallisooppera from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki
The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki, places guests at the heart of the Finnish capital, meaning you can see famous sights of the city and get cultural experiences at places such as the Kansallisooppera. After exploring the city to its fullest, guests can retire to this Helsinki hotel for a peaceful night's sleep on a Magic Dreams beds in one of 262 exquisitely furnished rooms.