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Visit Helsinki Zoo

Helsinki Zoo, the country’s largest, can be found on its own island called Korkeasaari, just outside the city harbour. The Zoo opened in 1889, but the island was long before that used as a recreational space for the people of Helsinki. The island can be reached by a bridge to the neighbouring island of Mustikkamaa, which connects to the mainland. In the summer months, you can easily get to the animal park by ferry and water bus from Hakaniemi and Kauppatori Market.

Take a walk on the wild side

Keepers of the Helsinki Zoo have gathered a collection of exotic animals divided by the geographical categories of Amazonia, Africasia and Borealia. The whole area features around 1,000 different species of plants and over 200 different types of animals. The species come from all over the world, meaning you can experience the animals of the Arctic tundra one minute and forage through rainforest the next. In addition, the zoo has animals of all sizes, from insects to Wisent, a European bison.

Home to extinct species

The park hosts a number of animals that are threatened by extinction, and it works to preserve the existence of these creatures. The amur leopard calls Korkeasaari home, and there are only about 30 individuals of this species left in the wild. The blue-throated macaw, with only a few hundred left in the wild has also found refuge here.

A four-season Zoo

Summer will be the best time to visit Helsinki Zoo, given increased daylight and longer operating hours; but they are also open with reduced hours during the winter. Every season is good for visiting, with lush green scenery in the summer, and the snowy magic of the winter season.

A day out at Korkeasaari will be a fun experience for the whole family while on holiday in the Finnish capital. Guests can reach the zoo easily from the central Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki, offering stylish and convenient transport links.