Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki

Market Square Helsinki

The traditional home of commerce and socialising in the city, Market Square Helsinki still draws thousands of people each day during the summer months. Visit this open-air market to buy fresh local produce from farmers and pick up souvenirs from local craftsmen.

To explore Helsinki's historic and modern marketplaces, such as Market Square, reserve a room at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki in the city centre. Featuring over 250 rooms and suites for guests, this hotel in Helsinki city centre has ample accommodation to help visitors see the city throughout the year.

Explore Helsinki Market
The Market Square in Helsinki borders the city's South Harbour, meaning visitors to the area can enjoy the scenic backdrop of the Baltic Sea while they shop and socialise. The ferry to Suomenlinna is also conveniently located nearby.

Shoppers can find all manner of goods in the area, from souvenirs of their time in Helsinki to traditional market goods such as vegetables or fish. This makes the Market Square one of the best places in the city to experience traditional Finnish cuisine.

Travellers can catch a special festival at the Helsinki Market Square in October, where they can pick up seasoned fish and other specialties from the seafarers. During the summer, visitors to the area may also want to find the ferry to Suomenlinna, located near Market Square. The ferry brings travellers to an old island fortress, great for a day out near the sea.

Stay near the city centre to see the sights of Helsinki
The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki places guests directly in the city centre, meaning it's easy to get out and see the best the city has to offer. Start at traditional centres such as Market Square, then visit modern shopping centres such as Kamppi Helsinki.

At the end of your day, return to modern sophistication at this hotel in Helsinki and enjoy the tastefully decorated surrounds and get a good night's sleep on the special Magic Dreams beds.