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Places to Visit


Linnanmäki Amusement Park
With more than 40 rides for children and adults, Linnanmäki Amusement Park promises fun for all ages. Every year the park adds a new attraction. Young children enjoy the glass maze and fun house, while older kids rocket along the Vuoistorata, a wooden roller coaster dating back to 1951. Everyone can enjoy the Karuselli, a historical carousel built in the Netherlands in 1896. Families can also take in shows at a 4D cinema and a live theater.

Each year Linnanmäki concludes its season with the 10-day Carnival of Light featuring the park’s twinkling lights and live music performances. Profits from the carnival support a Finnish charity called Children’s Day Foundation.

Many restaurants surround Linnanmäki, and Sea Life Helsinki is right next door.

Drawing over 700,000 visitors annually, Suomenlinna remains one of Finland’s most frequented attractions. This maritime fortress was originally built by the Swedes in 1748, but it fell to Russia in 1808 before passing to Finland in 1918. A World Heritage site, Suomenlinna now belongs to the world.

Guides provide tours of the fortress, describing life within its walls and tunnels. The Suomenlinna Museum also offers a short informative film, and visitors can browse through 5 other on-site museums, including a submarine, in summer. At meal time, you can choose from a variety of restaurants and cafés or join the locals on the grounds with your own picnic. Finish your outing with a 15-minute ferry ride on the Gulf of Finland.