Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah

Business in Jeddah

Long an important centre of business and trade along the Rea Sea, Jeddah has grown in stature even more since the founding of Saudi Arabia. Business in Jeddah include the lucrative port facilties in the city, and also regional and international offices of major market players in the city.

Guests of Jeddah can tend to business of all kinds while in the city, and will benefit from a central hotel in Jeddah. The Radisson Blu Royal Suite, Jeddah offers upscale accommodation in the city centre, meaning only a short distance between visitors and the major financial and commercial centres of Jeddah.

Explore Business Centres in Jeddah
As Saudi Arabia's second-largest city, and its primary port, Jeddah has some of the most important business centres in the country. Jeddah regularly receives imports that stock shelves throughout Saudi Arabia, especially nearby cities Mekkah and Medinah. The port also lies close to the Suez Canal, making it a popular stop-off for ships on longer journeys.

Business in Jeddah has also thrived on an international level as well, thanks to its position on maritime trade routes, but also due to its place in the Middle East. Central to most Arab countries, Jeddah has emerged as the second-largest business centre in the Middle East next to Dubai. The city's industrial sector and retail shops also contribute to the success of business in Jeddah.

Choose the Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel when visiting Jeddah
The Radisson Blu Royal Suite, Jeddah lies close to most of the major business and retail centres of the city, including King Abdullah Street, home to many corporate offices. At this hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, guests will also be treated to comfortable beds and friendly service, making it a natural choice when visiting on business.