Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah

Jeddah Airport

Jeddah's Airport is situated on the northern edge of the city. King Abdul Aziz International Airport, as it is officially known, is the third largest airport in Saudi Arabia. Due to its location as the gateway of the holy cities of Islam, the airport services many travelers who are beginning their annual Hajj pilgrimage journey to Mecca and Medina.

Terminal Information

Jeddah Airport is continually expanding over the years to cater for the increased passenger numbers it receives through its doors. Each year, over 17 million passengers arrive and depart from here. The majority of traffic comes through the North Terminal which handles international flights, whereas the South Terminal handles the majority of domestic and international flights from Saudi Arabian, Sama and Nas Air Airlines.
This airport has some other unique terminals. The Hajj Terminal is a dedicated departure and arrival area designed to cater for many pilgrims traveling to the Holy Cities from Jeddah. There is also a terminal for exclusive use by the Saudi Royal Family. The King Abdul Aziz International Airport also hosts facilities for the Royal Saudi Air Force, housing for airport staff and is home to the headquarters for Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia).

Accommodation near King Abdulaziz International Airport 

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