Jeddah International Market

Jeddah International Market is an upscale shopping center at the heart of the city, that brings together some of the world's most recognizable products and brands and combines them with local stores. Anchored by Sarawat Superstore, the shopping center is a haven for picking up all kinds of bargains and caters to most budgets.

Shopping for bargains 

Jeddah International Market, located close to the city center, covers over 75,000 square meters and hosts nearly 200 different shops. Given its 'international' name, the market has been conveniently laid out and categorized by county. As a result, it highlights each nation and region's products. Being one of the very first malls in the city, it is certainly old, however it is worth checking it out, especially for the good deals you can find. Once inside, you will also find lovely touches such as a pond with fish and turtles, where weary shoppers can sit by to relax.
Jeddah Square in the shopping center has an array of locally produced goods, while other areas of the market, including USA, Africa, Japan and France Square, stick to their regional specialties. Here you will find clothes, accessories, jewelry and electronics around every corner, plus practical items at the opticians or the chemists. For a quick break while bargain hunting, be sure to stop by one of the market's many fine restaurants, which offer samples of flavors from all over the world.

Relax after shopping 

The Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah places guests just a 10-minute walk from the Jeddah International Market, and is close to the city’s other main shopping areas. After a busy day of retail therapy return to the comfort of the hotel and take advantage of the great facilities such as the in-house fitness and wellness facilities.