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Mecca Holy City

Makkah, more commonly known as Mecca, is the most important holy city of Islam. It sees millions of visitors each year whether for sightseeing or traditional pilgrimages which are known as the Hajj. The city has much significance for the historical and theological progression of Islamic faith. Entrance to Mecca is reserved only for Muslims and this is strictly enforced.

A long reaching history

Mecca has been central to the Islamic faith for centuries, as the Prophet Muhammad was born there. The religion traces the city’s foundation back to Ibrahim, who constructed the Kaaba there with the help of Ishmael, his son. Born in 570, the Prophet Muhammed helped ensure Mecca as a holy city within the religion. According to Islam, the Prophet received revelations from the angel Gabriel in a cave near the city. Muhammed brought these to the people of Mecca, and suffered much persecution because of it, before departing to the Holy City of Medina in 622.
Muhammed would later return to make peace, and established a pilgrimage to Makkah as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Pilgrims, or Hajjis, flock to the holy city each year, where some 20 million may visit the Grand Mosque that hosts the Kaaba.

An ideal day trip

Makkah lies just an hour to the west of Jeddah, a major port of Saudi Arabia located on the Red Sea. Jeddah can be one of the final steps when making the pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah. The proximity from here makes it ideal for a day trip when staying at the Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah. There is a modern highway running from Jeddah to the city, upon which there is a checkpoint that will divert non-Muslims along the ‘Christian Bypass’ to the beautiful rose filled, mountain town of Taif.