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Medina Holy City

Medina has been an important holy city in Islam since the Prophet Muhammed migrated to the oasis town in 622AD. Over time, the esteem of Medina grew and, to this day, it remains the second most-important holy city in Islam. Entrance to the center of Medina is reserved only for Muslims and this is strictly enforced.

The history of the Holy City

Medina existed for some time before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammed, as Yathrib, an oasis town populated mainly by Jewish refugees. Upon the Prophet's departure from Mecca, the city of Medina welcomed Muhammed and his followers. Later, all parties agreed on Muhammed as a civic leader of the city.
Medina served as the capital of the Muslim Caliphate for many years until the fourth caliph moved the political center to Kufa in modern-day Iraq. The holy city changed hands many times over the ensuing decades, though always remained important to the Islamic faith. Many Muslims visit over the course of their lifetime to learn more about the history of Islam and pay tribute to the Prophet Muhammed.

Combine Medina and Jeddah 

Medina can be found about 450 kilometers north of Jeddah, a port city along the banks of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. You can make the four-hour drive and enjoy the scenery along the way, or hop on a domestic 50-minute flight. Jeddah is a popular stop over and is seen as the gateway for those visiting Medina and is only an hour’s drive from the Holy City of Makkah, also known as Mecca. Jeddah itself offers several cultural and religious sights of its own. Base yourself in the heart of the city at the Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah and take time to explore.