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Medina Holy City

Medina has been an important holy city in Islam since the Prophet Muhammed migrated to the oasis town in 622AD. Over time, the esteem of Medina grew and, to this day, it remains the second most-important holy city in Islam.

The holy city of Medina can be found about 400 kilometres north of Jeddah, a port city along the banks of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. At the heart of the city, the Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah provides comfortable accommodation when visiting Medina or Mekkah holy city.

The history of Medina holy city

Medina existed for some time before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammed as Yathrib, an oasis town populated mainly by Jewish refugees. Upon the Prophet's departure from Mekkah, the city of Medina welcomed Muhammed and his followers. Later, all parties agreed on Muhammed as a civic leader of the city.

Medina served as the capital of the Muslim Caliphate for many years until the fourth caliph moved the political centre to the city of Kufa in modern-day Iraq. The holy city changed hands many times over the ensuing decades, though always remained an important city to the Islamic faith. To this day, many Muslims visit the city over the course of their lives to learn more about the history of Islam and pay tribute ot the Prophet Muhammed.

Discover Medina from a hotel in Jeddah
A hotel in Jeddah can provide visitors of the area with the opportunity to visit both nearby holy cities - Mekkah and Medina. By staying at the Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah, guests can be sure of attentive service while enjoying the modern sophistication of the hotel's rooms and suites.