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Jeddah Seaport

The Jeddah Islamic Seaport, also known as the King Saud International Seaport, is a major international point of trade located on the Red Sea in western Saudi Arabia. The harbor area serves not only the Arabian Peninsula, but also as a stop-off on other international trade routes.

Linked to the Holy City

The city of Jeddah itself originally served as the port for the nearby Holy City of Mecca, the regional capital and an important center of Islam. Over the years, Jeddah developed into a major metropolis in its own right, and modernization brought this sophisticated port into existence.
The Saudi Kingdom established a Seaport Authority for the nation in 1976, providing a body to oversee the operations in Jeddah. Today, it has 58 berths for ships, more than five times the original ten it had just 30 years ago. There are now specialist facilities for a variety of different cargo types, including grain, oil and livestock, and they handle a significant portion of imports into the country. At the port, there are also passenger terminals for those wishing to travel across the water.

The stunning corniche coastline

The coastline plays a vital role in everyday life and for tourism to the city. Combine a visit to the bustling seaport together with strolling along Corniche, an impressive stretch of scenic coast and beaches that serves the city. This immense coastline offers visitors restaurants, amusement parks and picnic areas. It is also home to the world’s largest fountain, King Fahd Fountain. All of this can be easily explored from the Radisson Blu Royal Suite Hotel, Jeddah.