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Bolshoi Theatre

To be described as one of the greatest theaters in the world, is no a small feat making the Bolshoi Theater an important attraction in the city. It sits at the heart of Moscow’s and Russia’s cultural history. Beginning its life as a private theater, The Bolshoi Company was founded in 1776. The current building, which today stands on Moscow’s Theater Square in the Tverskoy District, officially opened its doors in 1856. 

The main building has been renovated several times due to severe damage. Most recently, it has undertaken extensive renovations improving its state of repair, but also, importantly, bringing it into the current era of theater standards. As well as much painstaking work to restore some of the original features, it can now also compete with some of the most technically advanced theaters in the world. 

World’s Oldest Ballet and Opera Company

The venue is home to The Bolshoi Ballet and Opera Company, one of the oldest and most renowned in the world. The Bolshoi Ballet Academy is the world leader, as well as being the largest boasting more than 200 dancers. If you have the opportunity, book a premier performance at this stunning theater and see Russian ballet at its finest. It is hard to beat the scale and grandeur of the classic auditorium, with its rows of galleries, sparkling chandeliers, and deep red with gold trim decor. It is a special moment when the curtain rises, as performers are met with a full-house, and the orchestra begins to play. This is a grand night out which you will never forget. 

Backstage tours

This remarkable and important piece of Moscow’s history has many tales to tell. The best way to delve into the great stories waiting to be told about this grand building is to take a tour. One-hour long guided tours are available each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A full behind the scenes trip leads you back to the stages, the orchestra pit, and the set and costume departments. If you are in luck you may also see rehearsals in full swing.   

The Bolshoi Theatre is easy to find, situated close to Red Square and The Kremlin. It is only 4 kilometers from the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow making it the perfect accommodation to accompany an evening performance.