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Enjoy the cultural vibe at Stavanger Concert Hall

In addition to good shopping, interesting museums and wonderful scenery, Stavanger has plenty to offer for the culturally interested. Spend an evening at Stavanger Concert Hall, the city’s top venue for music of all genres. With several large stages, it offers a varied and interesting schedule of events in both Norwegian and English.

The concert hall became part of the city’s architecture in 2012 after 14 years of planning. In addition to the main stages, a rehearsal room was also built for the city’s symphony orchestra, as well as a restaurant, café and bars in the large foyers. The glass-fronted foyers offer fantastic views. In addition, a magnificent amphitheater was built for outdoor concerts. What better way to enjoy the beautiful city and sea air.

An acoustic dream

Together with the old concert venue at Bjergsted, the new building boasts the title of Norway’s largest concert hall construction. Part of what makes this venue stand out are the two main concert halls. Each is specifically designed to suit the various performances and musical expressions. The acoustics are adjustable to cater for any genre or performance. The design is unique and makes it possible to hold a classical concert in one hall whilst a loud rock concert is played in the second one without any sound travelling.

The multi-purpose Zetlitz Hall

The first of the two stages is named after a local priest and poet, Jens Zetlitz. This multi-purpose venue offers great flexibility and can be easily adapted to various events. The hall’s concert capacity is 700, but it can also host a conference of up to 1200 delegates, a banquet for over 500 people or a reception for 850 people.

Fartein Valen Classical Hall

This hall is named after Fartein Valen (1887-1952), a Stavanger-born composer. It is said to be both intimate and grand at the same time, making it ideal for both small and large symphony orchestra performances. Depending on the size of the orchestra, the hall can seat an audience of 1500. The acoustics are world class and the venue even has an adjustable roof, which can be raised according to the scale of the performance.

Whether you want to dip into local culture and see a Norwegian performance or go to an international event there is plenty to choose from. This includes the International Chamber Music Festival, regular performances by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, stand up comedy, musicals and a wide range of concerts.

From the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Stavanger, you will find yourself in the heart of the action and attractions, and within waking distance of the city’s cultural hub, Stavanger Concert Hall.