As of the 1st of October we will no longer operate this property. Please visit our flagship hotel, the newly renovated Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Stavanger

Stroll around Stavanger’s charming old town

Stavanger is small as cities go, adding to its charm, but a visit here isn’t complete without exploring the old town. Like taking a trip back in time, the narrow winding streets are lined with 173 wooden, listed and restored white houses built in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Make sure you bring a camera to capture the cobbled alleyways and quaint houses.

Beautifully preserved wooden houses

Historically, the old town was inhabited by merchants, sailors and canning workers. The lifestyle they led over 300 years ago still shines through. Today’s residents work hard to preserve the historic surroundings through continuously maintaining their properties and gardens. This effort has not gone unnoticed. The old town is considered to have the best-preserved wooden houses in Northern Europe. Stavanger has received several awards for the preservation of this area. The old town has plenty to see and as you stroll around make sure you take a look into the boutiques selling handcrafted goods and the galleries filled with local artwork.

Capital of canning foods

In addition to a thriving oil industry, the city is also famous for its history in canning production. To learn more about this city’s rich heritage visit the Norwegian Canning Museum, home of the former canning factory. Canning was the main business in Stavanger between 1880 and 1960. Take a journey through 45 years of history including operational procedures, vintage labels and a general glimpse into the working environment and conditions at the factory. The machines are still in working order and if you are lucky to visit at the right time you may get to sample warm, freshly smoked sardines right from the ovens. The museum also has an interesting educational program and fun activities for children of all ages.

The old town is only less than a ten minute walk from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Stavanger. The hotel offers stylish accommodation and the convenience of living in the heart of the city, ideal for exploring the city and its attractions.