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Spectacular Preikestolen

Any visit to Western Norway is incomplete until you have discovered the incredible scenery of this region. Stavanger makes an amazing starting point for several day excursions. One of Norway’s most famous and visited attractions is Preikestolen, also known in English as Pulpit Rock or the Preacher's Pulpit. It sits 604 meters above the breathtaking Lysefjord and has magnificent views. At the top, you will reach a narrow, flat plateau. The sides of which, plunge straight into the fjord. It is not for the faint hearted but it is worth a visit for the view alone. This trip is sure to get the adrenaline flowing and attracts around 130,000 visitors between May and August.

Be prepared

Getting to Preikestolen is easy, even if you do not have access to a car. There is a ferry to Tau from the city’s ferry terminal with several daily departures. You can then travel by bus to Preikestolhytta. The cabin is located at 270m above sea level, the starting point for the hike to the plateau. The hike will take 1.5-2.5 hours depending on fitness and experience. Although the hike is 334 meters and a 3.8km walk, the terrain is difficult making this a challenging walk. There is a trail the whole way there but it can become slippery so good shoes are a necessity. The recommended time for visiting is between April and October.

Unbeatable views of Kjerag

Perhaps you have seen a Norwegian image of a boulder wedged between two rock walls. This is another of the country’s most popular destinations. Kjerag, know as Kjeragbolten in Norwegian, is suspended 1,084 meters above the vivid green fjord and matches Pulpit Rock in terms of the incredible views. It is the peculiar stone, wedged in the crack that draws curious visitors here. Kjerag also requires good footwear and you should consider the weather conditions before travelling here. A good level of fitness is required as the hike here is more challenging than to Pulpit Rock. June to September is the best time to visit. From Stavanger, take the ferry to Lysebotn or the bus to Øygardsstøl, the starting point for the hike. From here, follow the 6km trail and climb the 500m to the top. The ascent should take about 2 hours depending on ability.

Both Preikestolen and Kjerag make perfect day trips from the city. Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Stavanger offers stylish and comfortable rooms so you can wake up energized for your walk to these world famous viewpoints. Its central location places you perfectly for local ferry connections.