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Royal Palace

Stockholm’s Royal Palace

Stockholm Royal Palace is the stunning 18th century residence of the Swedish Royal Family. Used by the monarchy for official occasions and business, this structure is a top attraction for locals and visitors. When in the city you can explore many of its 600 rooms and the five museums found inside. Be sure to also catch the changing of the guard and see other sites in the area.

Explore the residence

Considered the most famous building in Stockholm, the palace has made an impression on the city’s visitors for centuries. Its Baroque style architecture is certainly magnificent and being one of the largest palaces in Europe, you could spend a whole day marveling at its façade.

As well as enjoying the building’s unparalleled splendor, you can learn about its history and the royal residences that were previously located on the site at The Tre Kronor Museum. Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities is another popular attraction you should see, on the palace grounds. It contains over 200 exquisite examples of ancient Italian sculptures and is one of the oldest museums in the country.

Changing of the guard

You won’t want to miss the daily changing of the Royal Guard or their summer military parades and marches. In the summer, the guards march with the military band through the city, making for a great spectacle. The rotation and marching schedules vary depending on the season, so have a look at their website to find out what times are best to visit the palace.

The Royal Palace is on the edge of Gamla Stan, known as the Old Town, so you can check out other attractions in the area while you are there. Visit the nearby Cathedral and the National Museum of Art. Once you are finished exploring the charms of Gamla Stan, relax in style and beauty at Radisson Blu Royal Viking Stockholm, Hotel.