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Stockholm Cathedral

The Stockholm Cathedral is located at the heart of the city's Old Town and is one of Sweden's most iconic buildings. Dating from the 13th century, the cathedral is built in the fascinating Swedish Brick Gothic architectural style that is unique to Northern Europe.

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Exploring the cathedral
Stockholm Cathedral, which is more commonly known as The Great Church, is one of the major attractions of the Old Town. The building dominates the historic skyline, with its interior as beautiful as its striking façade. Its powerful structural columns and large French Baroque pulpit have proved especially popular with visitors to Stockholm over the years.

The cathedral is also famous for its collection of historic artefacts and religious treasures. Its 15th century wooden statue of Saint George and the Dragon is perhaps its most prized object, with it rumoured to contain genuine bones from the saint himself. Another popular attraction is a copy of the Vadersolstavlan painting from 1632, which is one of the oldest surviving Swedish works of art.

Hotels in Stockholm
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