Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm

Stockholm National Museum of Art

Housing Sweden's premier collection of art, the Stockholm National Museum of Art is a hugely popular tourist attraction located at the vibrant heart of the country's capital. Its spacious Renaissance building houses over half a million objects and some of Sweden's most important cultural gems.

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Visiting the Art Museum in Stockholm
The Art Museum in Stockholm displays paintings by both Swedes and foreigners, ranging from the Middle Ages right up to the 20th century. Whether you are an art expert or complete amateur, visitors can enjoy the splendour of the collection and learn about the history of the works as they travel round the building.

The Stockholm National Museum of Art has a rotating collection of permanent and temporary exhibits to keep their displays fresh. The museum features work by popular Swedish artists such as Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn and Hanna Pauli. Visitors can also explore paintings and sculptures by legendary figures like Rembrandt, Goya and Degas as well as learning about more modern innovations.

Stay at a Hotel in Stockholm City Centre
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