Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen

The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet, called Den Blå Planet in Danish, is not just the national aquarium of Denmark, it is in fact the largest in Northern Europe. A visit here is a great way to spend time in Copenhagen and offers a fun-filled and unforgettable experience for the whole family. Meet hammerhead sharks in the Ocean Tank as they swim alongside rays and moray eels in 4 million liters of sea water. Be drawn in by the colorful display of coral reef fish as they bring the vibrant sea bed to life. Back on dry land, walk through the Amazon as several species of butterflies and birds fly all around you.

A packed schedule of talks

Children and adults alike will be mesmerized by walking through the underwater tunnels which encapsulate you, drawing you into the ocean world. Each day contains a filled schedule of talks and shows. This is definitely the best way to learn about all the curious inhabitants. Stand back and let yourself be amazed by the piranha feeding frenzy or by the largest residents, the hammerhead sharks, as they are fed. Experience the hidden coral reef residents burst into life as they realize it is dinner time, and learn about the many species of birds while the keepers get close to them. The aquarium is both entertaining and educational.

Interesting facts

Over 20,000 fish and animals can be found lurking in every corner of the aquarium, a total of 450 different and exotic species. The building contains over 50 aquariums, tanks and other habitats for the residents. The largest tank holds up to 7 million liters of water.

The external façade of the aquarium is an attraction in itself. The contemporary vortex-inspired exterior offers a unique spiral design covered with diamond-shaped aluminum plates. Internally, the building has been made as sustainable as possible, and energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Getting there

Located in Copenhagen’s Kastrup suburb, near the airport, The Blue Planet is easy to access whether you are traveling by car, bus or bike. It is also conveniently located next to Kastrup metro station. From the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen, reaching the aquarium is simple, and the helpful hotel staff will point you in the right direction. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to watch this underwater world come to life.