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Christmas Market Dusseldorf

Christmas in Dusseldorf is magical, especially when visiting one of the town's traditional German Christmas Markets.

As night falls throughout December, the city becomes illuminated by sparkling lights and many wooden market stalls and carved pavilions open for business, each selling artisan crafted toys and souvenirs, warm gingerbread, savory sausages and pretzels, and spiced mulled wines, ales and ciders.

There is also an open ice skating rink and a carnival for grown-ups and children alike to enjoy - bringing visitors a taste of the festivities of the famous Dusseldorf funfair with a decidedly seasonal twist.

Getting to the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf
As Dusseldorf's Christmas Market is spread throughout the city rather than in one central market square or street, visitors will be near a hub of festivities wherever they are based in the city.

Because it is close to the Old Town (also known as the Altstadt), the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Dusseldorf is especially convenient for the Angel Market, Flinger Strasse Market and the open ice skating rink.

Where to find Dusseldorf's famous Christmas Markets

  • The Christmas Market at Konigsallee is one of Dusseldorf's most famous. Here, stalls are set on either side of a spacious avenue lined with chestnut trees that sparkle with fairy lights.
  • The Christmas Market at the Schadowstrasse is completely dedicated to artisan craftwork selling the finest trinkets and painted houses.
  • The Angel Market or 'Engelchenmarkt' can be found at the Heinrich-Heine-Platz in the atmospheric Old Town, selling traditional wood-carved huts and offering arts and crafts.
  • The Little Star Market or 'Sternchenmarkt' is always situated on the 'Stadtbrueckchen' - the little city bridge - and in the courtyard of Wilhelm-Marx-Haus. The huts with blue roofs are strewn with fairy lights and several cafes set around a music fountain.
  • The Flinger Strasse is a mile-long shopping street which stretches through Dusseldorf's Old Town. The Christmas Market here is home to a pyramid of mulled wine and a nativity windmill that are perhaps the two most iconic structures associated with Christmas in Dusseldorf.
  • The Christmas Market at the Gustaf-Grundgens-Platz is celebrated for having a large open air ice rink that is free to visitors who bring their own skates.