Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Düsseldorf


Scenic views along the Rhine River await you only 200 meters from Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Düsseldorf. Once the port-of-call for traders bringing goods to Düsseldorf’s Old Town and now a stunning pedestrian pathway, the Rhine Promenade is a place you can’t miss when you are exploring the city. Known as one of the most beautiful esplanades in Düsseldorf, the promenade is filled with outdoor bars, ample seating and lush, grassy spaces.

The making of the promenade

For years, the banks along the river were inaccessible to locals and visitors, as a busy roadway ran over the area. In the 1990s, traffic was diverted through a new tunnel making it possible to restore the river bank to a pedestrian promenade. Today, the promenade connects the Old Town with the buzzing Media Harbor district and is a great place for relaxation, activities and scenic views of the Rhine River.

A recreational oasis in the city

Since the Rhine Promenade opened in 1997, it has been popular with locals and visitors alike, who enjoy this relaxing spot in the bustling city center. The area has a Mediterranean feel to it and its many cozy coffee shops, bars and market stalls attract numerous people daily. Kids love to use their scooters or bike along the path, while roller-blading enthusiasts enjoy perfect conditions for a tour along the Rhine. Soaking up the sun on the grassy areas along the promenade is also a favorite activity for visitors and locals alike. From the Rhine Promenade, you can enjoy stunning views of both the river and the historic houses in the Oberkassel district on the other side of the river. If you stop by one of the many beer gardens, make sure to try an altbier, which is beer crafted using a traditional brewing style unique to the Westphalia region.