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Norwegian National Gallery

See the masters at Oslo’s National Gallery

Home to Norway's largest public art collection, Oslo’s National Gallery features many superb paintings, sculptures and drawings. Situated in the center of the city, the variety of art styles and media attracts both locals and travelers time and time again.

Browse classic and contemporary art

Founded in 1837, this art museum holds a mixture of permanent and temporary exhibitions, with an emphasis on Norwegian art. The permanent exhibition found on the first floor showcases works by prominent Norwegian artists from the Romantic period through to the mid-1900s. You can also find work by international artists, including paintings by the French Impressionists. Artworks by Munch, Cézanne and Manet rank among the most famous attractions tucked into these walls.

Events and activities at the gallery

Art lovers can take a walk through the gallery from Tuesday through to Sunday, all year round. Inside you can also enjoy the study room, shop and grab a bite to eat at The French Salon. This elegant café was designed in 1924 to house sculptures gifted from the French state and now serves great seasonal food. The museum is not only a place to view great art, but also to create art. There is a new drawing room in the gallery for those wanting to test their creative skills. There are also activities for the kids and you can take guided tours of certain exhibits if you would like some extra information on the artworks.

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