Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel, Helsinki


Helsinki was founded as a city in the 1500’s, though it was later rebuilt in the early 1800’s by the tsars of Russia who styled it in the extravagant image of the nearby Russian capital of St. Petersburg.

Recently voted among the top 10 most live-able cities in the world, Helsinki is a cultural hub with bars, restaurants, shopping and historic buildings to see and enjoy. It is also the economic capital of Finland with the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (the immediate city center) which is home to the headquarters of 83 of Finland's top 100 companies.

Helsinki is very conveniently located for business travelers in particular, as it is just 80 kilometers from Tallinn, and 300 kilometers from St. Petersburg and 400 kilometers from Stockholm. This makes it easy to travel between cities as there are great transport options ranging from trains and ferries to short flights.

Explore the Ruoholahti District

Ruoholahti is a district in the southern part of the city center that is particularly convenient for getting to and from Lauttasaari Island, connecting Helsinki with the city of Espoo. Once the base of Nokia's business operations, Ruoholathi is a popular business area. However, it's not all work and no play in Ruoholathi, as its home to the popular Cable Factory, a venue for art exhibitions, live music performances and theatre shows.

Other attractions in Ruoholahti range from the Finnish Museum of Photography to the Theater Museum and Forum Box art space, and you are never far away from the tempting white sand paradise of Hietaranta Beach. You will also discover a wide selection of upmarket bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Getting to the city center

The city center can be easily reached in a few minutes on foot from the Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel in Helsinki. Alternatively, you take the number 6 tram, conveniently stopping immediately outside the front entrance. Other options include bus, metro or train, all which have stops within close proximity. Helsinki International Airport is a 40-minute drive away, which is convenient regardless of whether you are traveling for business or leisure.