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Seasonal dishes: a taste for travel

A fantastic trip is nothing without the inclusion of some delicious local fare. One of the most exciting points of any holiday is the moment when you taste something totally new, whether it’s a food you’ve been waiting for years to try, or something you can’t even pronounce properly yet.

What can make this experience even better is the quality of the food. Unique recipes, chefs who have a real passion for their vocation, and intense combinations of flavours all add up to a memorable culinary experience. Meals like this exist in different forms all around the world, and the character of a place can really shine through in the character of its cuisine.

Seasonal vegetables around the globe

Think of your favourite recipe, or something you love to eat again and again. Now take out the main ingredient. It’s just not the same is it? At the heart of any great dish lies quality ingredients, or often a singular ingredient that can really make the meal sing. Sourcing produce of a high calibre is something that every Radisson Blu kitchen is dedicated to. One of our personal favourites when it comes to ingredients? Vegetables – particularly those that are in season locally.

We chose five seasonal vegetables, one for each of these European locations: Rome, Paris, Madrid, Edinburgh and Berlin. Then, we asked chefs in each city’s Radisson Blu to cook a meal featuring their star ingredient.

Explore the different destinations to watch the creation of each mouth-watering dish, find out more about the ingredients used, and discover how to recreate the dish at home. Warning: if hungry, enter at your own risk.
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Discover the recipes

Aubergine icon


Experience a taste of the dolce vita with this classic Italian recipe from our hotel in Rome

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Enjoy an innovative twist on elegant French cuisine with this recipe from our Paris hotel.

Salad Leaf icon


Sample the best of fresh British produce in this tasty recipe from our Leeds hotel.

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Savour this light but extremely moreish mille-feuille recipe from our hotel in Berlin.

Pepper icon


Indulge in a fiesta of flavours with this globally inspired recipe from our hotel in Madrid.

Chicory Salad icon


Discover the rich flavours of quality Scottish produce with this recipe from our Edinburgh hotel.