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Arlanda Express

Quicker than a bus, and eco-friendlier than a taxi or a car, the Arlanda Express rail link brings travelers from the airport to the center of Stockholm in only 20 minutes. Departing every 10 to 15 minutes, the express train is by far the most comfortable and easiest way to get to and from the airport and city center.

From the city to the airport in no time

Arlanda Express has been in operation since 1999 and every day it contributes to traveling efficiently and comfortably between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. The bright yellow trains have since become the perfect example of a fast and environmentally friendly solution for both tourists and locals.

The operators of the Arlanda Express even guarantee the arrivals and departures of their trains, and new tickets are supplied when trains get delayed by more than two minutes.

The two stations at the airport are called Arlanda North and Arlanda South. The north platform serves terminal 5 and the south platform serves terminals 2, 3 and 4. There is actually no terminal 1 at this airport.

The yellow rocket

The trains have a maximum of 200 kilometers per hour, are 93 meters long and weigh 187 tons and are easily recognizable from their bright yellow ends. After their renovation in 2006 they were given new interiors designed by the fashion label of famous former tennis player Björn Borg.

Traveling to the airport, you can buy your tickets from the Arlanda Express platform at the central station. To go from the airport to central station, get your tickets from the ticket machines on the platforms, from the information office, or for an extra fee, buy them onboard the train. Naturally, tickets can also be bought online in advance.

Book the Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and hop on the Arlanda Express to get comfortably and efficiently to and from central Stockholm with all its exciting attractions in less than 20 minutes.