Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn

Walk through Tallinn Old Town

The Old Town in Tallinn is a top attraction in the Estonian capital, protected by its ancient city walls and towers. It is the most preserved old city in Northern Europe and it attracts thousands of visitors every year. Come and walk its towers, discover its hidden secrets and learn about an enchanting past.

Exploring Estonian history

The Old Town was built between the 13th and 16th centuries, when the port of Tallinn was a member of the hanseatic trade league. Its collection of churches, courtyards and gabled houses rank among the most popular attractions in the entire city. Many of the buildings date back to the 14th century, and are surrounded by a city wall still intact in many places and guard towers that give it a fairytale look.

Exquisite buildings and cobblestone streets

Today, the Old Town combines historic buildings and medieval markets with WiFi and stylish cafes. You can seek out locally made textiles, earthenware and glassware from the markets on Muurivahe Street and the workshops in St. Catherine's Passage. You may need some help to find St. Catherine's Passage as the entrance is somewhat hidden, but it is certainly worth hunting for. When you walk along the alleyway you will be greeted by the old St. Catherine's Guild, where they handcraft glass, ceramics and more. There are also old tombstones hanging on the walls, which help paint the picture of what the old town could have looked like over 700 years ago.

Buildings such as the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin and the Town Hall showcase both the city's past and the wonderful architecture it produced. The Town Hall was built in Gothic style and during the summer it invites you inside to check out its museum. You can also enjoy the many bars, clubs and restaurants tucked away along the cobble stoned streets of the Old Town.

The Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn is right in the city center meaning you can reach the Old Town in a short 10 minute walk, making it an ideal base for you while you explore its many attractions. Book yourself a room and enjoy the modern style of the hotel while exploring the Estonian capital's enticing past.