Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn


Home to the eye-catching Tallinn TV Tower, the area of Pirita offers visitors the chance to amble through an attractive park and sunbathe on the Baltic coast at one of the region's most popular beaches. With dense forest, golden sands and glorious peace visitors will be find it hard to believe that while visiting Pirita they are still within vibrant Tallin's city limits.

The opportunity to relax afforded by Pirita is just a fifteen minute ride from the bustle of Tallinn's centre where the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn provides superb amenities and services to discerning guests. The upmarket hotel caters perfectly to visitors who want to enjoy the wide range of attractions in the Estonian capital.

Savouring the great Estonian outdoors
The natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities available at Pirita are the main draw for those who visit this stunning area. It has been that way since the early 15th century when a now-famous convent was first built on the banks of the Pirita River.

Since then people have been drawn to the park to enjoy the natural setting, and although Pirita has developed into a residential area over the years, the low-impact housing and multitude of parks and woodlands have maintained the relaxed ambience of the region.

Sand and suntans
When the sun is out Pirita becomes a mecca for sun worshipping locals looking to make the most of the attractive seafront. Visitors who join the crowd will find that the beach is buzzing with Estonians having a great time in the Baltic sunshine.

Great transport connections mean that the centrally-located Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn is just a short trip away from the natural splendour of Pirita. The outstanding service available at the Tallinn hotel ensures that guests have a great stay in the fantastic capital of Estonia.