Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn

Tallinn TV Tower

The picturesque seaside area of Pirita on the northern edge of Tallinn is home to one of the most spectacular views in Estonia, at the Talinn TV Tower. At 314 metres this free standing structure is the tallest in Estonia and offers great vistas of the attractive Baltic coastline and the city of Tallinn.

The TV Tower is just twenty minutes away from the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn. Visitors enjoying the excellent services and amenities at the hotel will find that a trip to the spectacular tower offers them unrivalled views and the opportunity to learn a little more of Tallinn's fascinating history.

A monument to the recent past
When Moscow held the Summer Olympics in 1980 the organisers based the sailing regatta in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Tallinn. To ensure television coverage of the event could reach a global audience the impressive Tallinn TV Tower was built, complete with a viewing platform based at 170m.

After years as a top tourist attraction, the Tallinn TV Tower has recently undergone a major renovation and now is the perfect time to enjoy visiting the feature. On a clear day it is possible to look across the sea and catch a glimpse of distant Finland while visitors who turn their gaze towards inland can see the verdant Estonian countryside and red slate roofs of Tallinn's city centre.

Taking your time at the top
Great views are not the only thing available to visitors who journey up the Tallinn TV Tower. There is a restaurant located by the viewing platform which allows diners to enjoy delicious local food against one of the most dramatic backdrops in Northern Europe.

After spending some time at the top of the TV Tower visitors will be ready to get their feet back on firm ground at the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn. This stylish Tallinn hotel offers friendly service and a great location at the heart of the beautiful Estonian capital.