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Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, Warsaw

Lazienki Park

Step into a haven of nature and greenery at Warsaw’s Lazienki Park. This city center park beckons visitors with its idyllic pools, fountains and stately palaces. It was constructed in the 17th century and occupies 76 hectares of land in the very heart of the Polish capital. Today, Lazienki Park stands as one of the city’s top attractions and spending some hours here will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for all the other excellent attractions Warsaw has to offer.

Walking through history

As you wander through the park you are taken back in time through Poland’s history. Lazienki Park, designed by Tylman van Gameren, has seen several expansions and remodels since its inauguration. Today, it is especially known for the many palaces found here. Although the impressive sights found throughout the park are countless, some of them stand out from the crowd:
  • Palace on the Isle: formerly a residence to the King of Poland, this palace sits atop an artificial island and is connected to land by two bridges. It combines several architectural styles including Chinese and Classical, and inside you will find the Royal Baths and statues of great Polish kings.
  • Roman Amphitheater: this is a classic Roman style amphitheater but with a twist. The actual stage is separated from the seating by a small moat. Shows are still performed here and if you are lucky you can catch a performance
  • The Old and New Orangery: in the Old Orangery you will find a well-preserved wooden theater, the best preserved of its kind in Europe, in addition to large-scale murals and statues. The New Orangery is home to the park’s very own tropical gardens.

A relaxing journey

Whether you want to visit the palaces and see the grandeur for yourself or just take a leisurely stroll through the park, you are sure to enjoy your time here. Squirrels, ducks and peacocks are some of the animals that roam the park, adding to the lively buzz created by the locals enjoying their time off on sunny days.
With a room at our Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, Warsaw, Lazienki Park is never far away. Please ask our hotel staff if you need directions to any of the attractions in the city. You can continue your relaxing visit to the Polish capital in our spa and fitness center before returning to your comfortable and stylish room.