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Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is a unique collection of Polish illuminated postwar advertising nestled in the creative heart of Warsaw.

Neon held a special place in the Eastern bloc during the later-1950s Cold War era as an inexpensive way of revitalizing cities originally designed with Socialist Realism in mind. However, many examples of illuminated advertising are becoming lost to urban renewal.

The Neon Museum Collection
The Neon Museum works to preserve this unique period of Poland’s history by preserving and housing neon signs in their natural urban environment. The collection currently contains over 50 signs, which includes nearly 500 letters, and is continually working to preserve new pieces under threat from storefront remodeling.

The Museum also has two publications on neon available for further reading – “Warszawa Polski Neon” (Gazeta Wyborcza, 2007) as well as “Polish Cold War Neon”, which was released in New York in 2011.

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